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Never attempt to defy Lesus, that is something only Grisia is capable of."
Neo’s most beloved ♥


This is a transcript of the original Q&A by Yu Wo, translated by Lucathia. More of this here: Lucathia’s LiveJournal

Q9: Neo Sun, who do you love the most?

Neo: Hm, are you asking me which woman I love the most? Too many, I don’t remember. Each one is a good woman.

What if we’re not talking about romantic love?
Neo: …I don’t want to answer.

No, you have to answer!
Neo: So what if I don’t answer. What can you do, HUH?

…Please answer! This is a question that has to be answered. If you don’t answer, I can’t face the readers, ahhhhh— Believe me when I say that I’ll write about Aldrizzt getting fed up with you, so he ends up leaving, meaning you would have to wash your own clothes, cook your own food, and find your own way around—
Neo: …that annoying student of mine who always makes me worry day and night.


OMGGG Neo, you’re soooooo sweet! asdfghjkl!@#@ ♥ 

I always knew it that you have a soft spot for your dearest student~ ♥

So my co-workers know all about Yu Wo’s novels now because when I have the time I read them at work and I get so emotionally broken up with everything.

If I’m ever making sounds of asbsolute despair at my desk the first question is: “Did something bad happen in your online novel?”

If the answer is no, the next question is always: “Is it something your tama family did?”

It’s always one or the other.


Best page.

Aahhhhhhhhhh I was already asleep when the chapter was posted and I had stuff to do at work so I didn’t have the time to read it until now. QAQ asfasldfaaahhhhhhhhhhh EVERYTHING I SEE IS MAKING MY ‘I KNEEWWWWWW ITTTTTTTT’ senses fire like crazy. Roland is absolutely a baby angel and I’ll accept nothing else. It’s like, I don’t see how anyone can believe that he’s some demon? Like… are we READING the same series? I have doubts.

[Baahh I really hate the work computer. Sorry the text post looks wierd on this computer so I kinda just deleted what came before it since apparently only half of my original post showed??]

Ah… yes yes. Exactly. I will admit I was upset when Sun died because I knew the resserection scene was going to absolutely murder me but I didn’t really have any ill-feelings towards Roland since I was suspicious of everything since like. Day 1. [Don’t think you can hide those signs from me Yu Wo. I noticed them and waited patiently for my headcannons to be proven.]

Everything you said is true. Roland is very much like Grisia and extremely selfless. I totally get that. I’m kinda just to lazy at this point to even go through all the points which made me think he’s selfless.

I was thinking that is what Roland wanted as well since he had no issue with anything when Grisia has told him a few times that Roland should be burnt at the stake or something like that. He is like the first to ever defend Grisia if someone ever says that he’s not a good Sun Knight.

Even though he feels uncomfortable being the Hell Knight, I feel as though he understands that Grisia needs for him to take the role so Elijah could be set free and to make Grisia happy. He doesn’t want his friend to go through troubles, hurt himself, or anything like that. Over his own feelings, he values his friend’s safety and happiness over all of that. He wants to protect his friend and if needed be, sacrifice his own self for Grisia.

He’s very smart and is always thinking logically about what is the best course of action. Roland is definitely not some cold-hearted guy or whatever if that’s what people are saying. [I never bother reading the comments section so I dunno]

There is no way that Roland stopped caring. Why else would he be so upset with Grisia wanting to see him face to face, or the willingness to answer a question due to their ‘friendship’ or calling him Sun instead of Grisia like the other Knight Captains do, etc. There is just so much going on that I can’t help but find it extremely fishy.

I’m casting suspicious gazes upon the meeting place that Roland specified. The questions that he asked Sun, telling him that maybe his eyesight can return, tell him to see the people he wants to see, and ESPECIALLY the thing he wanted to ask but stopped himself. SHUT UP ROLAND, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A SWEET FREAKING SUGAR ANGEL.
((Girl, I would run 10 miles if Grisia doesn’t ask anything along those lines))

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… The bond that Sun and Neo have kills me.

It really kills me. This chapter was too short for me. August needs to hurry on along so I can read the next chapter.

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There is something so incredibly fishy about this whole entire thing. I’m not sure what it is, but I can feel it in my bones.

Probably the only reason why I haven’t gone on a whole ranting tangent about Roland. I can’t help but feel like there is just so much more to all of this. I can’t help but still think of him as a poor lil baby.

Just something about all this doesn’t seem right to me.