Feeling my gaze, Judgment patted Ice on his shoulder and raised his eyebrow as though to say, I thought the first person you would propose to would be Ice.

… Can I think of this as Judgement shipping both Ecilan and Grisia together? Can I?

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It’s really a pleasure to welcome you to my blog!
I do hope that we’ll be able to talk more in the future because every LSK fan needs an LSK buddy to cry too, right? RIGHT?

Just in case you haven’t followed her yet: your-ojiisan is a fellow LSK fan who keeps up with the series.

I keep up with it and then I take breaks because of the pain being too much. OTL

I got into the series due to: Demonblooded-stargazer. Feel free to just check out their blogs and make more friends if you’d like. 8)

The series is so extremely painful that I feel like we need strength in numbers in order to survive. OTL

ladydulce: (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ — SENPAI(ノ◕‿◕)ノ— I love your blog

Uwaaahhhhhhhh thank you~ 8D

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"You need Jesus."
- Said when ones actions are so ridiculous that only divine intervention can set them straight. (via blackproverbs)

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your-ojiisan said: *pat pat* it gets better, friend! hold onto hope! Volume 4 was the worst q.q

Yooo don’t I know that to be the truth? I’m seriously dreading volume 4. Volume 2 is at least reasonably well meant. Volumes 3 and 4? It’s like i’m getting pounded with a shovel over and over and OVER.

I’m on volume 2 right now. I’m slowly making my way through the series… and i’ll only start slowing down once the sad parts come out. I’m not ready. I’m so not ready, friend. I can’t do this. Move on without me. //dies



中村悠一 + 杉田智和

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I love Adair so much. SO SO SO MUCH

Onoda’s talking about anime faces

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