How to give head: A guide.

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Ace broke me. I have no confidence to re-play his route yet. 

I got all the hearts for Elliot and Julius and got the happy end but noooo you wanted to be a prissy knight and give me the bad end. 

I’m just going to go and try my luck with Boris and then maybe attempt Ace’s route again. 

Toodles~ //She literally has no life outside of the HNKNA mobile app. Sorry.

My Progress in the HNKNA Mobile App

This is just something that I did to help me keep track of a few things. 

Julius Route: 

  • Missing 5th, 21st, 27nd, 28th, 29th, and 30th cg slot
  • Missing scene between 17th and 18th account. 
  • Missing whatever 2 scenes come after best end. 

Elliot Route: 

  • Missing 5th and 12th cg slot.
  • Missing scene between 17th and 18th and scene after 18th scene. 

Ace Route: 

  • Missing scene between 6th and 7th, 17th and 18th, and the Best end. [curse you knight of hearts!]
  • Missing last 2 cg slots which are for the best end. 


  • Not bothering to list things because i’m basically missing everything because I just started the route.


So this is just a thing that i’m doing to help me keep track of things and try to figure out how to get these scenes or cgs. If anyone has any idea how to get them, feel free to look kindly on this poor soul. 

Or if you want to know how I did something, or got a certain cg, i’ll do my best to answer your question!






//cries bc I got the bad end. Idk what i’m doing and the translations can be hard to understand.

Ah… things were going so well too. I understand how Mikorin feels. This is some rough bs right here. Imma go and have another go later….

ooo cool! i didnt know there was an app for that i do in fact kno that series
if you dont mind whats it called?

I’m sorry! I thought that I had answered this sooner but I hadn’t! So it is called ‘Alice in the Heart’


This is the post that lead me to find out that the game is now in the google store. I just followed the link and then just downloaded it then. =w=


… The happy ends are strong indeed…

Before I even started the happy end, I would’ve rated the route for Elliot to be like… 2.5/5

Then after the happy end. I’m ranking it a 7/5. 

UGHHH ELLIOT WAS SO CUUUTEE!! I have a supreme weakness to cute lil animals. OTL 

Oh, if you are curious, Julius’s route throughout the whole game was 5/5. After the happy end? 11/5. 

Yep. Trufaqs

So much is happening…


Bleach is ending soon.


Naruto is ending soon.


Your otp’s are still not together yet.


And neither is your notp’s.


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I. I think I just got threatened into a relationship. This mofo literally threatened me into being in a relationship with him. 

Easter bunny reject better watch himself. That drops the romantic factor by a lot. Like. What. You couldn’t be like Julius and just let them both come to a ‘yeah I think I love you’ consensus? 

As you can see, the Julius game is too strong. I made the worst decision to play his roue first. My expectations are through the roof- but unfortunately for me, Julius is my favorite character so… I couldn’t just ignore his route and go for others first. PSSSSHHHH