I finished a thing. 

I feel proud and yet disappointed in myself and then the disappointment quickly turns into ‘Idgaf anymore. I did a thing.’ Yep. 

On another note, I decided to reward myself with a bit of tumbling since I just finished the thing. I started hunting down some old Tama family goodies that I forgot about. 

My family is precious and I love them to pieces. It is literally perfection. 

Do not tell me my family is not perfect, because that is a lie and I will not believe you.

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Hello and welcome to my blog! 

I hope you’ll come to enjoy it. It may run a lil slow for a while due to me being busy with classes and what not. Feel free to drop anything in my inbox if it would please you. ^^ 

Yeah so before I go and disappear for a while I wanted to share this video I found. 

Sugita Tomokazu dressed up as Gintoki will ALWAYS be my reason to live life. This is my life.  

I think I’m getting sick. 

Life is proving to me that things can get worse. 


Note: I might not have a queue going for a few days. 

It really depends on life. OTL 

//dying and crying

Near tears bc classes. Nope. Nopenope.

Mmhmm I know of the series. I liked it. Haven’t read it for a while due to laziness. I will get around to reading it again. Haha ^^ naturaldreamer18



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[D-26] gintoki and hijikata

the two of them really do get along.

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